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Relong has rich experience in sculpture manufacturing and we have rigorous control over them. Our competent team guarantees your sculpture, both design and production to achieve the best solution for you. Contact Relong now to get high quality sculptures!

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statue in stainless steel (1)

Is Stainless Steel Suitable for Outdoor Metal Statues?

When creating art statues, artists have a wide range of options including bronze, stainless steel, and aluminum. Stainless steel has become a more and more …

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Custom bronze sculpture of General Chennault

How Much Does a 6-Foot Bronze Statue Cost? | Bronze Statue Pricing Guide

As an experienced sculpture factory, Relong factory calculated that the approximate value of a 6-foot bronze statue is about 2,000 -5,000 US dollars.

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beautiful bronze female statue

Seven Most Popular and Famous Bronze Female Statues Elevate Your Space

Bronze female statues exude a timeless elegance and strength. Their presence can transform public spaces, gardens, and private collections, making them not just art pieces but also cultural icons.

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corten steel garden sculpture (2)

10 Compelling Reasons to Choose Corten Steel Garden Sculptures

Corten steel garden sculptures have become increasingly popular among landscape designers and homeowners alike. Let’s delve into the advantages of incorporating corten steel garden sculptures into your landscape design.

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How Much Does It Cost to Make a Bronze Statue?

The prices of bronze sculptures vary depending on their sizes. For a standard bronze statue ranging from 30 to 50 centimeters, you can expect a price of approximately $400 to $500. Moving up to statues between 50 centimeters and one meter, the price tends to be around $1000.

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beautiful wriought iron gazebo with proof for home

The Timeless Wrought Iron Gazebos: A Must-Have for Your Outdoor Oasis

Indulge in the timeless elegance of wrought iron gazebos and transform your outdoor space into a captivating oasis. With their intricate designs and robust construction, …

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Relong Art Crafts Co., Ltd. is a professional sculpture company, specializing in the production and export of bronze sculptures, marble sculptures and stainless steel sculptures. Antique metal products, abstract sculptures and other garden and home sculptures. We are committed to the ultimate customer service and ensure that every customer’s consulting and purchasing experience is satisfactory.

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Our talented masters accept any personalized cusitom products.

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Professional designers could offer drawing designs and make it untll you are satlsfied.

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Factory direct sales with the best wholesale price.

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Professional staff offer you anal-inclusive service (from pre sale to after-sale).

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Our team could help you deliver any sculptures to anyplace in the world.

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Buy full insurance for all of our sculptures. No need to worry about the delivery.

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